This article will show you ways to transfer DRM protected iTunes video clip and music files to Samsung Galaxy S2 supported file format so that you could enjoy your iTunes files with your Galaxy S2. 


Samsung Galaxy S2 is surely a superb phone to own. It has a high-resolution 1280 x 800 px display and properly supports playing High-definition videos as many as 1080p. The above features turn it into a superb portable media player to play video clips wherever and whenever you like. 

Some people may ask that why the iTunes files like .m4v cannot be played with with Galaxy S2. The truth is, Galaxy S2 is a solid Android smartphone, and support a lot video audio files formats, but iTunes M4V video format provides you with Apple DRM protection and users can play iTunes on Apple products only, that why you cannot watch iTunes Video on your Galaxy phone

The following guide will teach you tips on how to remove iTunes DRM protection and convert to Galaxy S2 acceptable media file formats. 

Step 1: Load DRM protected files

Press "Add Video" button to load iTunes file to this DRM Removal, or just Drag-and-drop the files (both audio and video) to the software.

Step 2: Output settings

In order to play iTunes songs or video on Samsung Galaxy S2, we will have to set output file format that supported by this phone. Here are the specifications of supported video and audio file formats

Vidoe Codec: MPEG4/ H.263/ H.264/ DivX, WMV, VC-1

Audio Codec : MP3, AAC, AMR, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG

Now we should set the output file format:

To get rid of DRM from audio files:

Click on "Audio Files to:" and select "Common audio > MP3" from drop-down list.


To get rid of DRM from video clips:

Select "Common video > MP4 (AVC) " from "Video Files to" drop-down list. Click "Settings" to set video size as "1280 x 800 " or smaller, Encoder as "H.264". Click "OK" button to save settings and return main interface.

Step 3: Begin DRM removing

press the big "Convert" button to start out removing DRM protection and convert video to .MP4 or music to .MP3 files. Once the the conversion is finished, you may just click "Find Target" to find the converted files. Those converted files are DRM free now.

You can now sync the converted iTunes media files to Galaxy S2 and enjoy it no matter where you are.

How to transfer iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S2

Listed here is a video guide demonstrating how to use a free software called Doubletwist to put all your itunes music into your Samsung Galaxy S2!

Doubletwist is a free software that you can download on your Apple computer or desktop computer that drags in all your itunes music and lets you sync it with your Android smartphone! Doubletwist is as well an excellent music player app for your Samsung Galaxy S 2